Selling to Us

When you are thinking about selling your coins or bullion to Phil’s Coins there are several things to consider before bringing your collection in?

When are we closing?
We do not figure large collections within an hour of our store closing.  If you are bringing in a sizable collection within the last hour of the day you should expect to leave those items with us. We will figure the collection and give you a call when it is complete.

How much are you bringing in?
Usually if you are bringing in a small collection that will take less than half an hour we will figure it while you wait.  If your collection is larger you may be asked to leave the items with us. If all of our associates are busy with other customers it may become necessary for you to leave a smaller collection. For any collection that has been dropped off we can arrange delivery of payment for your convenience through check or PayPal
Error and Variety Coins
If you have Error or Variety coins you will need to be able to tell our staff which error or variety it is. If you bring in coins and want us to check them for errors or varieties we charge $100 per hour for this service in increments of 15 minutes. 

Would it be better to make an Appointment ?
If you have a large collection and you do not wish to leave it with us we can schedule an appointment to figure your collection in front of you.  The dates and times will be limited and may not be during normal business hours. Offsite appointments are available but will include a fee for travel time and expenses that must be paid up front.

How you would like to get paid?
Normally we will pay you with a check unless other arrangements have been made to be paid in cash or through PayPal
Can you receive a quote online or by phone?
For an exact quote we will have to see your coins. Any offer made by phone or email is only an estimate based on the limited information you are able to provide. Any offer made through these formats is not a legally binding contract.

All posted notices are subject to change at the discretion of Phil’s Coins management. No statement made in this notice is to be confused with a legally binding agreement for products or services


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