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Phil's Coins & Stamps - Wichita's Best Coin Dealer :: Silver Products :: Coin Silver (90% , 40% and 35% War Nickels) :: 90% Silver :: $100 Bag of 90% Coinage (Aprox. 71.5oz.)

$100 Bag of 90% Coinage (Aprox. 71.5oz.)
$100 Bag of 90% Coinage (Aprox. 71.5oz.)
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90% Silver 10% Copper


This Bag contains $100.00 of face value coins that were produced before 1964 and consist of 90% Silver. The approx amount of pure silver in this bag is 71.5oz.

Note: We will make every attempt to send you the denomination you have selected, but due to unknown supply of your denomination, if we can not ship the requested denomination we will ship you an alternative denomination in its place. However this will not be grounds to return this item, as all 90% Coins contain the same amount of silver per its face value.

Non-Specific Dimes (10¢) Quarters (25¢) Half Dollars (50¢)
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