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Phil's Coins & Stamps - Wichita's Best Coin Dealer :: Sales/Returns



Adding Items/Combing Orders
Sometime customers forget to add an item that they would like to purchase in the shopping cart before checking out. Once you have paid for your order, there is no way to add items to this order without calling in to our website department. In the event that this happens to you, simply place a second order and in the “Customer Notes” inform our processing department that you would like the orders combined. We will then combine the two orders and refund you the amount overpaid in the shipping and handling (unless the overpayment is $2.00 or less). This may slightly delay the processing of your order and once the orders have be combined you will get an email with the new invoice and totals.


Return Policy/Order Cancellation 

General Policy
You must contact Phil’s Coins within 14 Days from the date you receive your package and Request a RMA number.  Any packages returned without a RMA number will not be accepted (packages delivered or signed for does not constitute acceptance of the items) and are not the responsibility of Phil’s Coins nor its employees.  Once we have received the items being returned we will process it and complete the return process.  Most returns will be processed within 2 to 3 business days.  Please do not contact Phil’s Coins about your returned items, unless you have not heard from Phil’s Coins after 10 business days from the date the items where shipped back.

Please send all returns to the below address


Phil’s Coins

Attn: Return Department

9344 West Central Ave
Wichita, KS 67212


Incorrect and Damaged Products
As a Phil's Coins customer, you are automatically included in our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee provides you with the assurance that products purchased that are either damaged or incorrect will be replaced or refunded for the full amount. Simply contact us with the issue and we will work with you to resolve any problems you may have (you must contact us within 14 days from the day that your package was received). To view products that this guarantee does not cover, please read o
ur policies in the sections listed below: “Bullion Return Policy”, “Modern Coin Policy”, “Government Sealed Coin Sets Policy”.

Other Returns
If you would like to return a product that is not incorrect or damaged, Phil's Coins will still refund your purchase; however, the customer must pay for the shipping back to Phil's Coins along with a 15% restocking fee. Contact marks and toning do not qualify a coin to be considered as “damaged”. The decision to categorize a coin as “damaged” is under the discretion of a Phil's Coins grader.

Bullion Return Policy
The return policy on bullion related items is: once you have received your order number, the price is locked in for you and the transaction may not be canceled. If you wish to return these products, you may sell these items back to us based on the current market value; any deficit between the purchase price and our buy back price is you’re responsibility to pay. If your items are shipped before you contact us, then you will be responsible for the return postage to our store. Bullion related items are as follows, but are not limited, (Silver Bars & Rounds, 90% & 40% Coins Silver, War Nickels, Common Date Gold coins below Uncirculated condition).

Modern Coin Policy
Modern Certified Coins (All Coins from 1982 to present) that have been certified by PCGS or NGC will not be eligible for refunds nor exchanges. These coins have been certified by these third party grading services, and are guaranteed by them to be in the condition as advertised. However if the coin has a defect, such that it would prevent this coin for being certified at the date of sale, Phil’s Coins will exchange this coin, if one is available, otherwise we will issue you a full refund for this item.

Order Cancellation
If you wish to cancel an order that you placed online or by phone please notify us by phone as quickly as possible to give youself the best opportunity to cancel the order before it has left our facilities.  Once the package has been accepted by the shipping company the order can still be cancelled but the shipping charge will not be refunded.  If you do not notify Phil’s Coins that you wish to cancel the order before the package arrives at its final destination it will no longer be handled as a cancelled order and will fall under the return policy posted on this page.

Government Sealed Coin Sets Policy
Proof, Mint, Prestige and other sets that have been sealed by the government will generally not be included in the Incorrect and Damaged Products category. We will provide our customers with the best looking sets that we currently have in stock; however, the quality in terms of toning or dark spots are not in our control because these sets are government sealed at the U.S. Mint. When it comes to return shipping and other costs, we will take each item case by case to determine if there will be a 15% restocking fee. We also ask our customers to keep in mind that many of these sets have been owned by previous owners and some coin boxes will show ordinary use and exposure yet are still in normal condition for their age.

Custom Products
Custom Products include but are not limited to, year sets, birth sets, and individual proof coins.  When a coin must be removed from an original government holder in order to fulfill a customer’s request that item will no longer be eligible for returns or exchanges.  This policy is now in effect due to the fact that the item cannot be restored to its original condition, making the set unable to be sold as a set.  We will still purchase the coins back from the customer based on the individual item’s current value.

Phone Orders
Phil’s Coins will gladly accept phone orders for items on and off the website, but since your information is transmitted via telephone and was not entered by the customer, any error in information may delay your order being processed.  Also, since your order was not taken via the internet the products you order may or may not be available due to other orders being taken before your order is processed.  If this occurs it will fall under the Terms of Service item #2.

Terms of Service 

1.  Prices are subject to change without notice.
2.  All items subject to prior sale.
3.  All non-bullion items have a fourteen day return privilege. Coins removed from their holders are not returnable.
4.  Bullion items are returnable subject to price adjustment due to market fluctuation and restocking fee.
5.  We reserve the right to specify methods of payment for some items, or to require alternate forms of payment.
6.  For bullion and other items which require payment by check, the payment must be postmarked by the next business day after the order date, and must be received within seven days. Otherwise we will not guarantee the purchase price.
7.  The standard minimum shipping and handling charge of $7.00 applies to packages shipped Priority mail within the continental United States. Orders requesting express shipping will be given priority handling. Some items may specify a lower service level (i.e., books and albums may specify "bound printed matter" shipping service).
8.  All orders are shipped only to verified or credit card billing addresses.
9.  Products purchased online that are no longer available due to a previous sale or error in listing will either be Canceled or Backordered as the discretion of Phil's Coins.
10.  Unless we are directed otherwise, we will delete unavailable items from your order and ship all available items.
11.  We reserve the right to limit quantities.
12.  Kansas residents are subject to 7.5% sales tax on total cost of order including shipping, handling, and insurance charges.
13.  The terms 'Common Date' and 'Mixed Dates' do not guarantee inclusion of any specific date, only that coins fall into specified date range. 'Mixed Dates' may contain duplicates. The term 'Different Dates' refers to lots that may contain coins minted during the same year but at different mints.

14All Order placed with inaccurate information (Phone number, address, city or zip code) that can not be verified by the Phil's Coins staff will be cancelled and the funds returned.  Prices on items purchased with incorrect information will not be guaranteed.