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Phil's Coins & Stamps - Wichita's Best Coin Dealer :: 1981 Type 1 and Type 2 Mint Marks

1981 Type 1 and Type 2 Mint Marks

In 1981, the market was still considerably hot. The Susan B. Anthony dollar had failed to be accepted by the American people, but with the announcement that no coins would be released for general circulation, the series gained popularity with collectors and the sales of mint and proof sets increased. A variation in the 1981 mint mark style was discovered. Though not as dramatic a difference as the 1979, it was noticeably different. While the variety is common on dimes, nickels and quarters, the half dollar is scarce, and the cent and dollar considered rare. Unlike the 1979 sets, to find a complete 1981 Type 2 set now is extraordinarily difficult. Most of the sets have been pieced together by dealers.

The differences in the 1981 types are often what dealers and collectors have trouble identifying. The difference lies in the style of the mint mark punch. The Type 1 is the same punch used to make the Type 2 1979 coinage. The Type 1 has a pointed top when compared to a flat top of the 1981. The Type 2 has bulbous serifs in comparison to the Type 1 and the serifs do not touch the inside of the S. It is these small differences that give the coin so much more value, $325 for the set versus $11.

1981 Type 1 Mint Mark

Uniform in shape rounded top and bottom

1981 Type 2 Mint Mark

Upper Left outside corner appears flat and looks like bulbs on the ends of the S