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Buying Coins, Gold and Silver Coins and Scrap Gold

Phil’s Coins – Precious Metal Dealers

Phil’s Coins has been serving Kansas and the surrounding states for over 25 years in the coin and bullion business. We are Wichita’s Top Buyer of your Gold and Silver Items. We offer up front pricing with our online price ticker that automatically updates every 30 minutes.

We will make an offer on all US & Foreign Coin collections regardless of content. If it is made of Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium or has numismatic value we will buy it. There is no purchase too small or large; we will work with you to make sure you get the best offer possible. Come and see why we are Wichita’s Top Buyer of Precious Metals and Coins.

Based on Spot Gold of $1196.80
Based on Spot Silver of $16.76

Grams Pennyweights
10k Gold$ 12.02$ 18.7
14k Gold$ 16.83$ 26.18
18k Gold$ 21.64$ 33.66
Sterling Silver$ 0.35$ 0.54

*The screen prices are an estimate of what we are currently paying for these items the actual price may vary slightly.


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